Leaving oh my Dolly Days?!? — September 25, 2016

Leaving oh my Dolly Days?!?

So before I make this post I want to say how much I’ve loved ohmydolydays- the best three years of my life definitely but I’ve decided ohmydollysdats is from the past me, and I made the choice to move to a new blog imaginarywellyboots which you can  visit here imaginarywellybootsblog.wordpress.comi hope you can come and visit me threre too!

Xoxo, dolly

Meet Elliot Moose!  — June 5, 2016

Meet Elliot Moose! 

I was in Barcelona recently and I got myself a doll, I’d been planning on getting this doll and it was the first time I’ve ever been stuck on which doll to select, Velvet Minuet really stood out for me, I mean I love SBLs but VM just wasn’t really my style. I next comtemlated Mod Molly one of my all favourites but she got sold.:( so I came home with a Fanvpcy Pansy! 

Elliot is my newest and fifth girl, I really love her and hope you do to!  


Middies,Middies,Middies… — May 21, 2016


Before I start, I really do love my middie, Bluejay, I’m just not sure if I’ll get another! 

Middies love or hate them, there here to stay but more and more are saying “they look like little brats”       ” so ugly” “their such weird heights” or “just no”. But I think their kinda cute, today I thought it’d discuss the pros and cons of the middie. 

Pro-   There totally pocketsize!                                                                                                                                                                                                        Who doesn’t want a doll they an carry about with them, I sure know I do! A doll in my bag is a great idea for photos of company! 

Con- a whole new wardrobe that must be specialist!                                                                                                     All that sowing! All that shopping! Pheww…. Better just stick to Neo clothes! 

Pro- size difference!                                                                                                                                                                               All of the photo opportunities big sis little sis! Beware cuteness can kill.

Con- you know there up to something, tha little smug smile, how could they not be not telling you that they are the reason for those biscuit crumbs, and c’mon there total brats! 

   Love or hate me! I’m here to stay! 


Bravery… (part 1)  — March 27, 2016

Bravery… (part 1) 

(this post comes to you from a park bench in the middle of nowhere)

I recently read a post on BK, a post that really made me me think about how Blythe affects my life.

That post was about bravery and how having dolls out in public affects me. I personally think I am quite good at having dolls out with me in public and ultimately think I am one of the bravest people I know. However factoring in the fact that I live in a relatively secluded village in rural England and only take pictures in a public park and local streets around my home, but I don’t think pictures are the hardest thing, I think words are the most difficult.

Recently I stood up infront of an audience of near strangers and spoke about myself – upon descovering that I only had one nice image if myself and that one just happened to be from BCUK- the one where I was dressed as a Disney princess. I quickly realised that this photo most likely required an explanation and that required Blythe.

I stood up and the slide quickly turned up, and a doll with huge eyes isn’t exactly easy to just skip over- let’s say any reaction, no one passed it as totally normal so I had to explain, and this is what I found…

  •  I avoid the word “doll”. Dolls are known as child’s play a barbie that’s hair gets cut and clothes get lost, I tended to chose collectors item or figure as they are lest stigmated.
  • I said more about blythes history than about my personal experience- for example I did not once mention my girls but I made a point of mentioning people like Allison Katzman and Junko Wong 
  • I tried to main wholly impartial on how I feel about blythe. 
  • Disney princess dresses take a lot of explaining. 

So that’s what I descovered, ave you found anything? 

Dolly x


Giveaway winnings! — March 22, 2016

Giveaway winnings!

Look what I won! 

Thank you so much Andreja of Katjuss, the jumper is so sweet and the notebooks are even sewed down the spine as well as the pencils really working, not only did she send these, she also sent me the cute little cookies! 
Thank you so much! 

Dolly xoxo 

Hairdressing  —
The family photo   — March 13, 2016

The family photo  

Chantillie: Five seconds to go…

Bluejay: (bratty voice please) Darcie kicked me! 

Darcie: Shut up … OR I will kick you! 

Chantillie: quite If you please…

Bluejay: But… 

* kicking noise*


Darcie: comon’ she deserved it…

Zock: fight, fight fight 

All (exept Chantillie): fight, fight, fight

Bluejay: *growels* 

The sleepover  — March 7, 2016

The sleepover 


From left to right Chantille Fliss (Nl), Emi (HHM), Quinn (CO), Darcy (SS), Lilac (LH), Zock (Z) and Bluejay (AC).
Quinn: Girls! Pizza is on its way, I got the vegan one for me and lilac, I got Emi and Zock the Extreme meat  bonanza, Darcy, I got you a plain margarita, Chantille is the ham one ok for you? And Bluejay I got you a full kids meal. 


Quinn: I got a big one is that makes a difference, 

Zock: No ( ranting in background ) 

Darcy: lilac, please stay still my plaits are looking more Canadian than French. Quinn thoughts?  

Quinn: (leans in) yeah, brill. 

Bluejay: ( to be read in the brattyest voice possible ) Quinny – did you get me cola, Chantillie doesn’t want me to have cola, but I want me to have cola – 

Chantille: You didn’t get her cola did you? Please say you didn’t, please! 

Quinn: No, I got a fruit shoot. 

Bluejay: Why, Quinn I thought we were friends ( shoots look of utter distain) 

Emi: (slow sluggish movement ) doorbell! Pizza’s here! 


Emi: You don’t expect me to go get it! 

Note Emi and Lilac belong to my friend Kat.  

Twins ( well almost )  — March 3, 2016
Lilacs odd blush -the trials and tribulations of being an FBL  — February 29, 2016

Lilacs odd blush -the trials and tribulations of being an FBL 

This is Lilac- my best friend Kat’s lavender hug. A few months back Kat saw something on Lilac her blush was terribly uneven it was on totally different parts on her face and the two spots of blush were a totally different colours! 

Warning: once you see this you will never unsee it! 

Fig a: normal Lavender hug 

See blush is quite even 

Fig 2: lilac 

Lilac and her blush

Fig 3&4 the colours 

One is a very sweet pink, yet one is quite a dark pink. 
Fig 5 my fingers on the blush spots to show the crazy placement. 

This is how bad it is! 
Any solutions, explanations ? 

Love to hear any answers 

Sam xoxo